Jonathan, Easter 1987

When Jonathan and Daniel were young, I wrote letters to them about little things that happened over the years, everyday fun interactions, special events, difficult situations. I always tried to end with a spiritual connection to the event, and tell them about lifelong traits I wanted to pray into their lives.

When each son turned 18, I gave him a collection of the letters. Here is a picture of Jonathan (5) on Easter 1987, about a month before Daniel was born. Now, May 6, 2017, I want to do the same for Daniel’s son, Noah, who will already turn two this month! With the wonder of the Internet, instead of handwriting the letters and pasting in photos, (and losing pages in the process) I can accomplish this here with a Letters to Noah Blog. You’re a very special, and very loved boy, Noah Daniel Sontag!


MaMah (Your best 2-year-old effort to say Grandma, which I love!)



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